Care Maintenance

Item# Care

Washing Instructions: The Esoph-A-Love cover (remove the inner pillow prior to washing cover and close Velcro at center back and torso harness band openings) may be washed in non-bleach laundry detergent on cold temperature. Machine dry on cold temperature. Do not use fabric softener as this will render the Velcro closures non-adhesive. If water softener is necessary, try a splash of white vinegar. It doesn't leave any scent & works great.

The Inner Pillow may be washed as well. Please remove inner stuffing by way of the zipper along the outer band. Please use non-bleach detergent on cold temperature. Machine dry on cold temperature. Stuffing may then be added back to the inner pillow. You may also just wipe the inner pillow clean with a damp cloth instead of a machine wash and dry.

Pet Hair removal from the Esoph-A-Love: As with any article of clothing or furniture, pet hair removal is dealt with by way of a lint brush or lint tape. You might also try a rubber glove to smooth over the fabric to bring up the residual pet hair. Machine drying is another option to try. Place the Esoph-A-Love in the dryer to tumble around, loosening the pet hair which is then deposited in the lint trap. The lint trap debris can then be easily thrown in the trash. Daily pet grooming/brushing routine is also helpful in reducing loose pet hair.

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