Message from Wag Tail Farms
Covid 19 & Other Community Viral Concerns

Message from Wag Tail Farms<BR>Covid 19 & Other Community Viral Concerns
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Wag Tail Farms

March 16, 2020

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your support of our Therapeutic Collars. Staying healthy is our Priority through this uncertain time of the Covid 19 virus.

My handcrafted collars have always been handled with care and personal cleanliness and this excellent practice will continue. After contacting our local Veterinarian and one of the top listed germicide companies, I have added additional safety policies.

Our Best Practices will include (Viral Deprivation Quarantine). This means that any fabrics, threads or materials (porous surfaces) used on our pillows have had a, prior to construction, 15-day shelf quarantine. After construction completion which includes our personal contact with the product, the pillow will observe another 3-day shelf quarantine prior to shipping. Domestic shipping also allows for an additional 2 – 3 business days before the shipment is delivered to you. In total, each pillow will have Viral Deprivation of approximately 20 days.

For your family & pet’s safety, we do not use any type of germicides on our products to avoid any type of allergy conflict.

Please provide your usual method of safe handling when receiving box deliveries. Many individuals have handled your delivery after it has left Wag Tail Farms and precautions should be observed during this time.

Wag Tail Farms recommends that any products used in pet friendly environments must be approved by your local Veterinary clinic or hospital to be “pet safe”, before use. The link below is approved by the EPA.

Jamie Miller
Wag Tail Farms

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