"Esoph-A-Love"<sup><font size=1>&#174;</sup></font>

Therapeutic Head Elevation Wellness Pillow
for Pets with Esophageal Concerns
Specifically Designed for
Pets with Decreased Esophageal Muscle Motility

We are excited to offer a very unique design for the pets that manage their esophageal concerns. Please see the following new features:

•The pillow sits back a few inches away from the pet's collar area instead of up against the neck/throat area, helping to provide less pressure and better head movement.
•The pillow is held comfortably in place by way of a built in harness around your pet's torso.
•There is a removable inside pillow for easy wash/dry
•The design helps to allow the pillow to roll forward as the pet reposition themselves during rest periods, assisting with a better elevated head support
•This new design allows for maximum head elevation at the front of the pillow, decreasing at the sides and minimal at the back of the pets head. This streamline feature allows for less product weight and bulk overall in addition to aiding with less stress on the pet's back and neck.
•Although this design sits back from the neck area, the pet can absolutely snuggle down into the pillow for the night or a good nap.

Although the "Esoph-A-Love"® assists the pet with necessary head elevation, all of our products do not make guarantees of any type of cure or reversal of the canine condition. Esophageal concerns are unique to each pet and you should always follow your Veterinarian's recommendations for proper diet, medications, upright feeding, etc.

If you Need sizing assistance, please Contact Us: E-Mail: wagtailfarms@yahoo.com

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