Fabric Selections Available

Fabric Selections
Your "Neck Hug"® is available in the following fabric prints below. Each "Neck Hug"® is sewn with print fabric on the top and outer band areas with the back in a solid black canvas fabric. The neckband is a solid black color flannel fabric for softness and comfort. This combination adds interest and appeal to the overall style and durability of the "Neck Hug".

The "Neck Hug"® in size Super and the "Esoph-A-Love"® collars are sewn with the print fabric on top only and the outer band & back is sewn with the black cotton canvas. The neckband is sewn out of Ponte Knit for a soft stretchy fit.

If you Need sizing assistance, please Contact Us: E-Mail: wagtailfarms@yahoo.com

“Neck Hug”® Reg. No. 6,027,778 / 04/07/2020
“Esoph-A-Love”® Reg. No. 6,065,990 / 05/26/2020 - (Patent NO. D955066) - (Non Provisional Utility: Patent Pending)