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The "Neck Hug"® is a circular pillow that has Hook & Loop closures on the top and bottom and at the neckband for a good snuggle fit. The neckband also has soft loops that you may slide your pet's own collar (or a soft scarf or wide ribbon) through for added security.

Outer Cover: Cotton Blend Fabric

Inside: Cotton Muslin fully lines the cotton blend fabric

Inner Fill: Hypo-Allergenic Fiberfill

Neckband and collar loops: Soft cotton Flannel

► Clean Up is quick, "Neck Hug"® can be laundered in the washer and dryer with your normal wash load. Please do not use Fabric Softener as it may coat the Hook & Loop material, making it non-adhesive! If a water softener is necessary, try using a splash of white vinegar added to the wash load. It will not leave any unpleasant scent and works great. Remember to close all Hook & Loop tabs when laundering to help in maintaining their adhesive properties.

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