Trademarks and Patents

We have an exciting announcement to make regarding our two products here at Wag Tail Farms!

We have been awarded two Registered Trademark distinctions and will henceforward carry the Registered Trademark symbol ® for these two products...

"Neck Hug"®, Life Wellness Pillows for Pets

"Esoph-A-Love"®, Therapeutic Head Elevation Wellness for Pets

Per the United States Patent and Trademark Office, A trademark is a brand name! This means we are now official!

Please help us by using our Trademarked names for ONLY Wag Tail Farms products.

By calling another product such as a blow up pillow or a travel pillow by the name "Neck Hug"® hurts our branding and so much more! It also serves to obstruct the efforts of other product manufacturers out there. Thank you so much for all your help!

Other Exciting News...
We have also recently been granted a new Patent No. D955066 for our newest creation, the "Esoph-A-Love"®, Therapeutic Head Elevation Wellness Pillow for Pets and we are awaiting the second Patent that is now in "Patent Pending" Status! We are moving that mountain slow but sure!

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming congratulations and support that we have received. We have so much more to do so please check back throughout the year for new and fun things happening!

Big Barks & Hugs,
Wag Tail Farms

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“Neck Hug”® Reg. No. 6,027,778 / 04/07/2020
“Esoph-A-Love”® Reg. No. 6,065,990 / 05/26/2020 - (Patent NO. D955066) - (Non Provisional Utility: Patent Pending)