"Neck Hug"®
Small Super

<center>"Neck Hug"<sup>&#174;</sup><BR>Small Super </center>
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Photo contribution from "Porter" - in Minnesota
Porter suffers with a condition called MegaEsophagus. The comfort of the "Neck Hug"®, size Small Super, is helping to elevate her head in efforts to help keep her esophagus clear. Great Job Porter!

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We are now offering the "Neck Hug"®, size Super in various print designs (on the Top Fabric Only) instead of the promotional tri-color. Please visit our Fabric Selection Page (click link below)

"Neck Hug"®
Life Wellness Pillow for Pets
Size Small Super

Neck circumference: (9" to 12"), (12" to 15"), (15" to 18")

Width from Neck to Outer Edge: (3.5")

Thickness/Depth from top to bottom: (3")


Additional Size Small Super Inner Pillow
Additional Size Small Super Inner Pillow
Additional Size Small Super Outer Cover
Additional Size Small Super Outer Cover


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“Esoph-A-Love”® Reg. No. 6,065,990 / 05/26/2020 - (Patent NO. D955066) - (Non Provisional Utility: Patent Pending)