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Designed with your pet's comfort in mind, the "Neck Hug" Soft E-Collar helps prevent access to surgical site and provides an ultra-soft pillow to encourage your pet to rest while recuperating.

While wearing the "Neck Hug" your pet will have access to:

► Eat & Drink

► Walk & Run (exception: Stairs or inclines may present a challenge)

► Navigate through the house

► Use the doggie/kitty door

► Rest & Sleep (always having a pillow to rest their head)

► And Look Absolutely Adorable!

Clean up is quick, toss Neck Hugs into the washer and dryer with your normal wash load.

Also, the Neck Hug's neckline has loops to thread your pet's own collar or a soft ribbon through for added security

The "Neck Hug" is the kind, humane approach to pet health products! We are positive that you and your pet will find the "Neck Hug" to be a great addition to your pet health supplies.

Please note that the "Neck Hug" is an open-faced design and may not be suitable protection for eye or face issues. The pet may still be able to have face access to the floor, walls or furniture.

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